Core to Core Program
"Elements Function for Transformative Catalysis and Materials"
研究拠点形成事業 A.先端拠点形成型、革新的触媒・機能分子創製のための元素機能攻究


JSPS Core-to-Core Program

From FY 2012, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) will implement a newly-revised Core-to-Core Program, comprising two components: (1) Advanced Research Networks (former “Core-to-Core Program” and “Asian CORE Program”) and (2) Asia-Africa Science Platforms (former “AA Science Platform Program”). This program is designed to create world-class research hubs in research fields considered to be cutting-edge and internationally important in Japan or high-potential research hubs in fields of special importance or significance to Asia and/or Africa and of high priority in Japan. These hubs will be built and operated through sustainable collaborative relations established among research/education institutions in Japan and around the world. While advancing research in the fields of these core research hubs, the Core-to-Core Program will also concentrate on fostering the next generations of trailblazing young researchers.

Core institutions in Japan and in counterpart countries conduct collaborations. They take the form of joint research projects, seminars, and researcher exchanges, which are to be organized and carried out effectively under the program. Core institutions are expected to continue operation as a research hub after funding under this program has ended.